Sometimes it's not really a writer you need as you've already done a lot of writing yourself. Perhaps you feel what you've written is a bit long winded, or doesn't quite flow, or the order isn't really working. You may have tried to fix these things but not managed to get anywhere. Or writers' block has hit hard and you can't see it shifting any time soon. 

This is where re-writing comes in. Using us to re-write your work is a great way of producing tight, readable content while preserving the essence of what you've already written. And of course re-writing can be a cost effective way of adding a professional touch to your words. 

Re-writing can be applied to almost any situation:

  • You've slogged through the drafting of a book, but you don't know where to go next.
  • Your regular blog post or newsletter needs a spit and polish. 
  • You've got a speech or article prepared, but it's just not flowing right. 
  • Your website is ready to go, but now the written content is sounding a bit heavy.

We are experts at understanding what you're trying to say, then reworking your words to express them cleanly, accurately and in your 'voice'.

So dust off that manuscript or the pile of half-finished blog posts. Contact us and let's see what we can do to get your message out to the world.