Business book writing

In the internet era, a physical book still carries an enormous amount of weight. Write a book that details your expertise, or that of your company, and your credibility will immediately jump ahead of your competitors'. The problem is, where to find the time?

As a professional ghostwriter I can work with you to extract your knowledge, sort it into a coherent argument and then mould it into an engaging, readable book ... with your name on the cover.


your book in your hands within a year

Should you wish me to do so, I can also handle the whole project for you, from initial planning right through to printing. Books can be turned around in as few as six to nine months, and certainly no more than 12 months.

I feel honoured to have such a talented writer working with me. I will recommend David’s work any chance I have.
— Marta Ferreira,

focus on quality

While I will work hard to complete your book as quickly as possible, the emphasis is always on quality first. 

  • I have rigorous attention to detail – from the logic of your arguments to the choice of words to the placement of each comma.
  • I focus on your audience – on the writing of clean, readable text devoid of jargon and cliché. As we work together, I will remind you often that your book is for your readers, not yourself.
  • I'm flexible. No one can know exactly what their final book will 'look like' at the start; there will inevitably be changes along the way that you and I will need to manage. For me, this goes with the territory.
  • I provide project management. Most people find it hard enough to keep their daily responsibilities on track without worrying about a side project like a book. So leave that to me. Don't worry – I'll keep you honest and see your book project through to its conclusion.

Book (and e-book) production

Once we have the words for your book locked in, there are still a few steps needed before you get your book in your hands – or that the hands of your clients and colleagues. 

In most cases the quickest and most effective way of getting your book out there is to self-publish. While this adds an extra level of cost upfront, you will gain a much greater return on any sales you make. Of course we can seek out trade publishers too, though these will often add at least a year to the publishing timeline.

In terms of self-publishing, I work with a number of editors, designers and printers who are all experts at playing their roles and who provide outstanding levels of service. And of course I am happy to take on the role of shepherding your book through the complete process. I can also organise the creation of an e-book version of your story as well.


Contact me for a no-obligation chat about what you want to achieve, where you are now, and where you might go from here. Whether I end up working with you or not, I'm happy to share what I know.