Article, paper and speech ghostwriting

Being asked to write an article, paper or speech – or all three – for a journal or conference provides a rare opportunity to show a knowledgeable and interested audience what you're made of. But being asked is only the first part. After that you have to come up with something to write or say.

As you probably know all too well, there is often a big difference between having expertise and being able to communicate that expertise. For some the constraint is a lack of time, for others it is a shortfall in practice or process. Some people just find it really difficult to capture their thoughts in words. We all have our strengths.

Our expertise is in writing. We turn your expertise into words.

When working with you, we will:

  • focus on your audience. Our goal will be to create messages that will be meaningful and beneficial to that audience and that, most importantly, they will understand.
  • isolate your message. As an expert you know a lot, and despite your desire to share all of that knowledge, the reality is you can only expect to convey a small slice of it at any one time. We'll help you identify and extract that slice.
  • write as you would. Sometimes this takes a couple of rounds to get right, but our goal is that whatever you say in a speech or article will sound like you, not like us. 
  • get it right. Depending on the importance of the paper or speech, and on your needs, we'll work with you on as many refinements as necessary.

We are very flexible in our approach to this sort of work. Some of our clients come to us with an almost-finished draft that they want refined, while others have all their knowledge and ideas still inside their heads. Either way, or with anything in between, we'll help you get the job done.

Contact us to discuss your needs.