Marketing copy

As a business operator or manager, you probably have a good understanding of how you want to present your business. Why you are different; why people should choose your business over the competition. After all, you do this all the time in business conversations. However, chances are that turning your message into clean, coherent copy for a webpage or brochure is something you find challenging.

This is understandable. Unless you're doing it all the time, capturing ideas in succinct, to-the-point writing – writing that doesn't sound like everyone else's – can be difficult.

Luckily there are people – us, for example – who do do this all the time. Whether you're at square one, or have made some progress but found yourself stuck, we'll work with you to:

  • identify and/or clarify the message you want to convey
  • draft or re-write copy that is clear, highly readable and web-friendly (if necessary)
  • polish and edit the copy and prepare it for your designer.

We write marketing copy for anything from a one-off brochure to an entire website. Contact us to discuss your needs. 


We very impressed with how David had captured the message we wanted to deliver ... The end result was exactly what we wanted.
— Stephanie Mayne, Videolink International