Blog and newsletter ghostwriting

Blogs, email newsletters and printed newsletters are all fantastic ways of staying in touch with your network. They keep you front of mind and gently remind people of what you could be doing for them. Perhaps most importantly, high quality blog post writing is becoming the most important factor in achieving a high position in Google search results.

However, there is one thing about all these forms of communication that is often overlooked or forgotten: they only work if they are produced regularly. That might be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly – whatever works for you and your audience – but it must be regular.

The problem is, how do you find the time? You know you need to produce a blog post or newsletter, but it's so easy to let the task slip down the to-do list.

The solution? Hire a good ghostwriter to keep you honest and do the writing for you. 

David is efficient, sensitive to the nuances of our industry and works well with us to get our monthly newsletter out on time, every time.
— Louise Dunham, Placement Solutions

Some of the things we would do for you as a blog and newsletter client include:

  • We keep track of publishing 'deadlines' and make contact ahead of time to organise an article.
  • We conduct interviews over the phone or by email to tease out a topic or topics for the blog post or newsletter
  • We convert your thoughts and ideas into a tightly focused, highly readable, interesting and high quality article that captures your 'tone' of voice .
  • We liaise with you regarding changes before editing and finalising the content.
  • We liaise with your in-house or virtual assistant to assist with distribution.
  • We maintain a list of topics covered and future topic ideas. 

It doesn't take long: just two or three newsletters or blog posts written and published at regular intervals will be enough to create a sense of expectation in your readers. From that point on, we'll make sure you maintain the momentum.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you keep in touch with your clients and prospects.