Working with someone else on your creative ideas can be tricky. It’s the same whether you need ghostwriting, graphic design or photography. You have your ideas, you know what you want to say: but it’s not always easy to convey that thinking to another person.

We work hard to understand precisely what it is you are trying to achieve. We’ll then be as flexible as possible working with you to reach that goal. Some characteristics of our approach to ghostwriting and all our other services include:

  • Where possible, ‘writer-in-chief’ David Brewster will always meet you face-to-face to discuss your project. Technology is great for communication, but there is still nothing quite as good as a discussion across a desk (or better still over a coffee). For copywriting projects, often only one meeting is needed; for ghostwriting projects we might meet many times. And of course if face-to-face meeting is impractical, we are more than comfortable using video chat, phone discussions and email.
  • David always draws on his business and consulting background to help him understand what you are trying to say, especially when your thinking isn’t easy to articulate. David's ten year experience as a consultant can be helpful here, as he is able to explore your broad business goals with you before turning his attention to your specific writing project.
  • We’ll work with whatever ‘raw materials’ you have. Some of our clients have advanced drafts of their words, or an old version of something that needs updating. Others have a few bullet points. Still others have no more than a few ideas resting inside their minds. It doesn’t matter where we start: we’ll get there in the end. We’re the copywriters, ghostwriters and editors: you just need the ideas.
  • We’ll work at your pace. If you need something done quickly, we’ll do whatever we can to meet your deadline. If you’d prefer to take your time, that’s fine too. You’re the client: we work to the beat of your drum.
  • We will challenge you if necessary. We see our job as copywriter and editor as helping you meet your ultimate goal, of which writing is just a part. So if we can see a better way of approaching a situation, based on our own experience, we won’t hold back in making suggestions to you. Of course it’s your call in the end, but if you are looking for a ‘yes man’, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

To achieve consistency, our house style is based on the Style manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th edition, and the Macquarie Dictionary, 5th edition, though of course we can adapt our style to suit your specific requirements.