5 ways to read more on your iPad or tablet

When a friend asked me recently for advice on buying an e-reader, it got me thinking about just how much I rely on my iPad for reading these days. Books, newspapers, magazines – nearly all my reading is done on this device.

Some say it takes a while to get used to reading off a screen, but in my view the convenience factor outweighs any temporary discomfort. And there are ways to improve your reading experience. Here are five things you can do on an iPad. (My focus here is the iPad because that's what I use, however most Android-based tablets will have similar capabilities.)

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Beat the NYE rush. Resolve now.

True, most of us are still coming to grips with the fact of Christmas decorations having been up for weeks. But before we know it, Xmas ‘11 will have been and gone and New Year’s Eve will be upon us. Which means only one thing: resolution time again. Now, be honest. Do you remember a single resolution made for this year? I’m guessing not. Most people struggle to remember, let alone implement, their annual commitments to themselves, largely because they are made in haste (and sometimes stupor) to the strains of Auld Lang Syne.

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