Producing your ebook

While producing a professionally published ebook is simpler and quicker than production of a printed book, there are still a number of steps that need to be followed to ensure your ebook is as easy to find as possible.   

As with a printed book, your ebook should be properly edited (electronic doesn't excuse typos and errors). It also needs a good cover design – one that will look good as a small 'thumbnail' image on a 'virtual bookshelf'. Internal design is less important for predominantly text-based ebooks, however for widespread distribution your book needs to be properly prepared in the correct electronic format(s), usually including epub and Kindle.

An ebook intended for sale via mainstream distribution (e.g. via the Apple and Amazon ebook stores) has more-or-less the same administrative requirements as a printed book, including the need for a unique ISBN, CiP (cataloguing) data from the National Library of Australia and registration with Books in Print.

Distribution of ebooks is much easier than distribution of paper books, but it still needs to be planned and implemented to give your book maximum reach.

As with printed books, we are able to assist with any or all of this process as part of a ghostwriting project or as a stand-alone service. Contact us to discuss how we might help.