Publishing advice and guidance

Getting your book or e-book written is one thing. Getting it into a finished form that you can actually sell or give away is quite another. Whether your intention is to self-publish or find a trade publisher, chances are you haven't done it before, or if you did it was a while ago. That means you're facing a very steep learning curve. 

There are a lot of decisions to make, including:

  • self-publish or trade publish?
  • printed book or e-book, or both? 
  • design: what size, what style, black-and-white or colour? 
  • printing: digital or traditional offset? 
  • distribution: directly, online and/or through retailers? 
  • promotion and marketing: DIY or use a publicist? 

We won't always have all the answers, but we can certainly talk you through most of the competing considerations and anything else that crops up. Where we can't the specific help you need, we can usually direct you to someone who can.  

This service is free to our ghostwriting clients – our priority is to make sure your book finds its way into the world. We're also happy to provide basic standalone advice over the phone or by email. For more substantial standalone assistance, contact us to discuss your needs.