In the Facebook era, it's okay not to share

In the Facebook era, it's okay not to share

Remember when Twitter first arrived on the scene? No one could work out what it was for. It was marketed as a means of quickly and briefly sharing what you were up to with friends, and originally that’s what people did. Its early reputation was as a fairly inane way of telling people what you were eating for lunch – whether they were interested or not.

Users quite quickly adapted Twitter to their own needs. It became a platform for sharing far more than personal trivia and grew into a pretty handy way of keeping up with things you’re interested in. Before long the ‘what are you up to?’ concept appeared at the top of Facebook streams and ever since we’ve been inundated with platforms for sharing our lives, from Instagram to Pinterest to Snapchat and hundreds of variations and imitations. Almost every smartphone app offers ‘share’ functionality, as does every website.

Somewhere along this journey the tail started wagging the dog.

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