e-ssentials of e-readers and e-books

In this year’s seriously silly shopping season, e-book reader (e-reader) is shaping up as the star. As a technology junkie and writer I try to stay on top of such things, so I thought it might be worthwhile giving you a quick rundown of what to look for, should you be in the market for one of these little gizmos. In case you don’t know, e-readers are electronic devices dedicated to the reading of downloadable books. You ‘turn’ the page by pressing a button or touching the screen, depending on the design.

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It's last rites for the book

Five years ago I independently published my first book. I did so largely because I like to play with new technology and publishing a book allowed me to try digital ‘print-on-demand’ technology. ‘POD’ promised to greatly simplify and reduce the cost of book production. I won’t be retiring, or even snacking, on proceeds from the sale of that book, but I did learn lessons which have been applied to the publication of a number of other books since. This week I’ve republished that book using even more current technology: e-book technology. Within an hour of uploading the book it was available for purchase online.

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