Manuscript appraisal, strategies and coaching

Would you like an honest manuscript appraisal, with feedback delivered compassionately encouraging you towards your best work?

Ann Bolch offers your manuscript an editor’s eye and a storyteller’s ear. She has a background in journalism, memoir, short story, essay, and a novel that’s nearly finished so understands the love and pain poured into any manuscript. Unlike anonymous manuscript assessments, Ann’s appraisals are open, engaged and up for hearty discussion.

Manuscript appraisal services offered

Short stuff

You think you’ve got a great story, but you’re not sure. You’d like a professional opinion but don’t want to commit the amount of money required of a book-length manuscript appraisal.

Ann will appraise your short story, chapter or essay, assessing style elements like language, dialogue and rhythm, as well as functional elements such as grammar and paragraphing. You then work on these across all aspects and stages of your writing.

If, later, structural elements are frustrating your work, she’ll be able to wrangle those more easily because you’ve honed your writing skills along the way.

Substantive (structural) editing

You’ve (almost) got a great story. Other people have said that the writing’s great but that the story didn’t grab and whisk them to those places that great stories do. You’re sick of pushing the words from one page to another. Stop! Your manuscript needs a substantive edit.

Coaching and strategies

Dissolve those pesky blocks. Wrangle each problem as it comes up. Face those damn fears! Working with Ann one-on-one you’ll create story links you didn’t know existed and remind you of long-held dreams, while challenging assumptions to help you cultivate your best work. Just a couple of hours with Ann can shake-up any inertia and revitalise your approach to your story.

Manuscript coaching and strategies can be arranged at an hourly rate either in person, by phone or skype.

All manuscript appraisals and assessments are quoted up front. There are no hidden costs and no, ‘Your time’s up. To proceed, send more money’ emails. Engage a manuscript appraisalist who sincerely wants the best for your work.

To discuss our Manuscript appraisal service, contact Ann Bolch directly by email or on +61 [0]3 9894 0893. To learn more and for testimonials, visit