The news is dying ... long live the news

If you, like me, still live in the dark ages in which your news is delivered via a rolled up newspaper thrown over the garden fence every morning, you have probably noticed that the thud associated with said throw has recently become not much more than a gentle pat. They say the traditional print newspaper will be around for a while yet, but its increasingly anorexic state would seem to suggest otherwise.

So, what to do if, also like me, you’re a news and opinion junkie?

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'New Matilda' finds its billabong - R.I.P.

The problem with blogs is that they have no editorial filter. Everything gets through, no matter how shrill, elongated or irrelevant. Newspapers have the opposite problem. Their editorial filters are increasingly clogged, nothing getting through except what already has before: the same old arguments from the same old writers. Which is why both readers and writers need access to a middle ground, to independent publications like New Matilda.

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