One Bite at a Time : How every manager can use Six Sigma to make a difference

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One Bite at a Time : How every manager can use Six Sigma to make a difference


One Bite at a Time tells the story of Nathan, a manager under pressure. He's just been given an ultimatum by his boss to improve the quality and productivity of his team's work - or jobs will have to go. 

With an overworked and demoralized staff, Nathan is resigned to defeat. But then he's introduced to One Bite at a Time, a simple but effective way for managers and their teams to make significant improvements in only three months. 

Nathan discovers that using the One Bite at a Timeapproach, Six Sigma methods and tools can be applied quickly and easily in almost any situation. Six Sigma is has been one of the business world's most popular methodologies in the last ten years. 

Companies adopting Six Sigma have reported significant quality improvements, productivity improvements and cost savings. Typically, however, Six Sigma has been regarded as a sophisticated approach belonging in large corporations with very deep pockets. 

One Bite at a Time is a management parable which takes the fundamental Six Sigma concepts and makes them much more accessible. In the tradition of Fish! and The One Minute ManagerOne Bite at a Time brings Six Sigma to life and makes it relevant for any manager at any level in any organization. 

One Bite at a Time won't take you long to read, but it will change the way you see the challenge of management. It is an inspirational story for everyone from the first-time supervisor to the seasoned manager. 

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